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Olex Waterproofing and Projects is one of the best Torch-on waterproofing, damp proofing, Roofing and Painting companies based in Pretoria and Johannesburg, Gauteng.

We are well known in the construction industry for delivering specialized commercial and industrial waterproofing and roofing applications no matter big or small.

We do industrial and commercial Waterproofing, Damp proofing, Roofing, Painting, Structural repairs, Renovations and Demolition.

At Olex Waterproofing and Projects we strive to be on time and in budget with more than 90% of our projects.

We provide free and friendly market related quotations to our clients, fast and efficiently.

Olex also delivers a reasonable quality service guarantee to more than 93% of their jobs done.

We believe in using the best quality materials available on the market today, regardless of price for whatever the application or project may be.



Liquid applied waterproofing systems will always find applications. They do however have
inherent disadvantages. Due to unevenness in substrates it is virtually impossible for the
contractor to apply the product uniformly. Some areas will have product in excess of and
others less than specification. Invariably those areas under applied will be weak and
problems may occur.
Unscrupulous contractors may deliberately under apply product without necessarily
changing the finished appearance of the roof.
A ready made membrane eliminates these pitfalls. TORCH-ON MEMBRANE is a
mechanically produced product of uniform thickness.

Quick response time and quality work completed!

Chantel Korff
Thank you Olex and team! Fast response and quality workmanship. The team went out of their way to fix my roof.
JP de Freitas
Thank you for the speedy response and for finishing our work over a weekend to get the job done.

Jan Esterhuizen

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We believe in doing it right when no one is looking! Subsidizing on quality is not an

Our Vision

With workmanship and material guarantees offered, what we keep in mind is to solve not the short term problem, but the long term one.